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Mawaqif Qatar is making Space for 2050


Facilities Management and Car Park Operator

More than just entrances, exits, and payment systems, the car park emphasizes cleanliness, maintenance, safety, sustainability, and integration within the overall facility.

On the other hand, facilities management is not just about maintaining specialist systems, but also it is about the customer service aspect, the efficiency and value offering at the property; almost all the properties offer a parking option, whether it is residential, commercial, a port or a mixed-use facility.

Mawaqif Qatar successfully addresses both facets, meeting client needs with an emphasis on excellent customer service and a responsive, cost-effective maintenance approach. The company's adaptable business model accommodates diverse owner policies through various contract types, including fixed fees, investment-driven models, revenue sharing, profit sharing, or other agreements. This flexibility not only supports profitability but also prevents the company from being just a cost centre.


Emerging Digital & Ai Technology

The traditional approach to conducting business in facilities management or car parking operations is now outdated. In the realm of properties, technology plays a pivotal role in allocating resources, enhancing response times, optimizing utilization, and delivering an exceptionally efficient level of customer service. Examples of such technological advancements include digital asset management systems, Ai-driven call centers, robotic services, and various other innovations.

Pioneering innovation, Mawaqif Qatar introduced the first large-scale ticketless and cashless system in Qatar. This cutting-edge technology has been seamlessly implemented across our projects, providing a smart and efficient entry process and a streamlined payment experience. Users can effortlessly pay or be automatically charged through an e-wallet. Furthermore, keeping pace with global trends, the transition to gateless systems and the rise of autonomous vehicles are currently shaping the landscape.

A few years ago, the company brought the first valet ticketless solution to the market, by providing an e-ticket, with the possibility to pay online and request the car from their comfort of their phone.

In addition, we have implemented a centralization system that empowers operators to supervise and take prompt actions as needed across crucial systems. This includes Fire Safety systems, Lighting Control System, CCTV, and access control, all seamlessly integrated into a single, user-friendly platform.

Likewise, in facilities management, maintenance inspections are automated by drones, assets have unique ID encryptions with full data analytics, and automatically alarming technicians and even the owners to any type of emergency. 

Nevertheless, facial recognition is also an Ai revolution, where we will stay abreast its emergence.


Marketing and Commercialization

A Facility Manager and a Car Park operator is not just about running the property. Throughout our journey the company has established a strong awareness and education process, to tell customers how to access a property, how to use the services, how to pay, where to get the loyalty points, and other benefits.

Moreover, it is not just about serving the public, rather it is about “personalization”, attention to each customers requirements, providing a personalized communication, a reward, and attention to details. This also entails creating several products, which meet the needs of different customers. For example, in our properties, some of the niche services, include “car detailing” services, electric vehicle charging, storage facilities, classic car parking, shuttle services, customized signage and wayfinding, and others.

Beyond marketing and value-added services, we are committed to maximizing the utilization of assets, optimizing commercial space, be it an outlet, kiosk, or a repurposed parking space. Our company recognizes the significance of focusing on the value of the asset and ensuring a favorable return on investment.


Human Capital and Well Being

Mawaqif Qatar, under the umbrella of international groups Qatari Diar and VINCI Grand Projects, places a strong emphasis on human resources, training, capabilities, career development, and staff welfare. Recognizing that our customer service staff are the face of each property, the company prioritizes ensuring they convey the right message and foster repeat business. Management decisions revolve around incorporating suggestions, feedback, rewards, loyalty programs, and maintaining open communication.


The Power of Data Analytics

In the era of data, comprehending customer behavior through data analytics has become crucial for property owners. Facility managers and car park operators often present owners with complex data, but Mawaqif Qatar takes a different approach by offering easily understandable dashboards. These dashboards feature operational and financial metrics tailored to the owners' needs, facilitating informed decision-making. The company utilizes an internally quality-controlled digitalized system, grounded in well-defined service levels and regularly updated procedures, to provide this valuable service.


Choosing an Operator

A brief guide to owners when making decisions about their choice of facility managers and car park operators is to check for their transparency, availability, flexibility, innovation, staff loyalty, revenue maximization, an understanding of the local culture, and mystery checking of their staff and services.


Business Intelligence

We anticipate that in a few decades, the landscape of our facilities will undergo significant transformations. This encompasses alterations in pedestrian and vehicular access, advancements in lighting and ventilation systems, changes in ceiling clearances, shifts in material usage, fluctuations in the number of occupants, and notably, the evolution of IT infrastructure, including vertiports. At Mawaqif Qatar, our Directors are dedicated to maintaining a leadership role in shaping not only our future but also yours.



Mawaqif Qatar, by QDVP, was established in 2011, to provide both facilities management and car parking operations. Initially the company was a joint venture between Qatari Diar and VINCI Park, until 2016 whereby the ownership was transferred to QDVC, a leading construction company. At date, the portfolio of the company comprises various landmark large-scale projects in Qatar.