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Mawaqif Qatar by QDVP
Hamad International Airport


Short-Term Car Park (STCP) مواقف قصيرة الأمد
The STCP structure is in front of the Passenger Terminal Complex at HIA and consists of three (3) Car Parks sections: East, West (Governmental parking included), and C car park with a total of three thousand three hundred twenty-five (3325) parking spaces including approximately thirty-four (34) spaces for handicapped parking. The STCP sections are as follows:

East Car Park has three (3) levels with seven (7) entry lanes connected to the Car Park through ramps. Lower Level has three (3) entry lanes, the Ground Level has two (2) entry lanes, and the Level 1 has two (2) entry lanes respectively.

The east short-term car park is more convenient for passengers flying with Qatar Airways.

West Car Park has three (3) levels with seven (7) exit lanes which are connected to the Car Park through ramps. Lower Level has (3) exit lanes which is part of the Governmental parking area, the Ground Level has two (2) exit lanes, the Level 1 has two (2) exit lanes respectively. The Governmental parking area is reserved for authorized only.

The West short-term car park is better suited for passengers travelling with all other airlines.

C Car Park is located only on Ground Level below the mosque and has One (1) entry lane, and One (1) exit lane. Car Parks (East) and (West) are linked to each other through a bridge on the Level 1 and a tunnel on the Lower Level. There are no links between Car Parks (East) and (West) on the Ground Level due to Car Park C being located in between.

Payment Cash and card payments including contactless can be made at payment machines located on each car park level. Card payments can be made also at payment desks located on level one in both east and west car park areas. Parking payment is generally not accepted at the exit barriers.
Long Term Car Park (LTCP) مواقف طويلة الأمد
LTCP is located on the southwestern side of the Passenger Terminal building. It has a capacity for two thousand five hundred forty (2540) vehicles having a total of six (6) air-conditioned bus stops.

Whilst it is currently closed, the customer can purchase a long stay parking product. To book, please click here
Employee Car Park (ECP) مواقف الموظفين
ECP is located on the southwestern side of the Passenger Terminal building. It has a capacity for one thousand six hundred forty-three (1643) vehicles having four (4) air-conditioned bus stops.

The shuttle bus services, provided by HIA, is in place and operates from ECP for users of ECP to and from the Passenger Terminal Complex.
Taxi Pavilion and Concourse B جناح سيارات الأجرة و الباحة "ب"
Taxi Pavilion: This is a staging area (adjacent to Concourse-B) for taxis before reaching to the taxi rank for passenger pick up. Monitoring of Taxi movement / counting is managed from the control room from LTCP.

Concourse B Access: This Location is control by barriers on one (1) entry and one (1) exit (with full equipment). Monitoring and management of the barriers is undertaken from the control room in LTCP.


المواقف العامة
General Parking
STCP is in front of the Passenger Terminal Complex at HIA. Whether for drop off, pick up, short and long stay, or use of our premium services, the short term car park is the best option.
خدمات صف السيارات
Valet Services
Vehicle drop-off is at the Departures curbside near gate 1 at the dedicated valet parking slot or at the arrivals curbside that is on the outer lane opposite to gate 2.

Vehicles will be ready for pick-up at the same location as they were dropped off, unless a different location is requested during the booking process.

Short Stay Valet service is available at the departure or arrivals curbside and is limited to those staying for a minimum of 2 hours.
Short stay rate (2 hours): 100 QAR

Premium Valet service is available at the departure or arrivals curbside and convenient to those staying for one day or more.
Daily rate: 275 QAR

Weekend rate (Friday & Saturday Only-two days): 450 QAR
  • The Premium Valet includes the following benefits:
  • Complimentary porterage service available for departing passengers with luggage.
  • Complimentary exterior vehicle wash.
  • Car Cover (for long stay).
  • + many other benefits.
غسيل السيارات
Car Wash
The car wash service is available on request and bookings can be made by calling 6607 4348 and WhatsApp no. 5008 8833ph.
المواقف المميزة
Premium Parking
It offers covered, secured parking, and lounge with a very convenient access to the terminal building via dedicated walkways. Car wash and coffee is complimentary upon demand.
خدمات الإسعافات الأولية
Heart Defibrillator
Our trained staff are available to give basic first line medical attention in case of an emergency until the ambulance arrives to provide a more detailed examination.
خدمة نفخ الإطارات
Tire Inflator
In the event of a flat tire, customers can call our reception number 4010 7348 to swiftly send our supervisor to attend and assist.
خدمة شحن البطارية
Battery Charger
In the event of an unfortunate car battery discharged, customers can call our reception number 4010 7348.
خدمات ذوي الإحتياجات الخاصة
Special Needs Service
Wider disabled bays are in areas nearest to the terminal entrances.
خدمة الدفع الغير التلامسي
Contactless Payment
We have the option on our pay on foot machines located within the terminal building to pay using a modern contactless payment option and soon this facility will be extended to the exit lanes.

المواقف المميزة
Premium Parking

مكتب ادارة مواقف السيارات
Car Park Management Office

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